Did you know that the ultimate mountain experiences can be found in the Cave Capital of Scandinavia? Winter in Plura is amazing. In December you get the absolute darkness of the north. The daylight is only lasting a few hours, and you get the chance to experience the northern lights and the starry sky in an area with no light pollution. The cold freezes the ground and prevents the particles from entering the water. It forms a thick layer of ice on the river, resulting in an epic visibility. At an average it is 100 meters in March and April, the visibility is good year round, but this is the only time it is guaranteed. Located only 25 kilometers from the airport it is easy to access all year round.

In March when the sun is back you get a combination of the best that the north has to offer in the winter. Crystal clear water to dive in. Giant easter chickens popping up along the roads. The possibility to go hiking or skiing in the mountains with Norway's national chocolate, Kvikk Lunsj, and a juicy orange in the backpack.

Winter is challenging and beautiful. The weather changes quickly, but as long as you have proper clothes it is a fascinating encounter with nature. March and April are the favourite months for the underwater photographers and every year we keep a Cave Photography workshop. If you want to learn more about light settings, capturing the perfect picture and processing photos taken in a cave environment this might be something to think about.

There are epic experiences both inside the mountain and on top of it. If you want you can ski straight from the front door and out in the wilderness. For more sophisticated paths the Skillevollen ski center is located only 40 minutes away from Plura. This is a great alternative for the first timer with 3 downhill slopes and an extensive skiing route for cross country skiing. If you want the hard core advanced experience we can set you up with heli-ski in Hemavan. In Hemavan/Tärnaby they also have some of the best downhill skiing opportunities in Scandinavia. All this is located only 1,5 hr drive away, and Hemavan/Tärnaby is often mentioned as a Mecca of alpine skiing. It is also the home of several of the biggest ski-stars in the world.

Have you been dreaming about a weightless journey under ice in crystal clear water? Experiencing the northern lights? Downhill skiing? What about winter activities of your choice combined with epic cave diving? Then Plura could be a good base for your winter holiday! Logistics are easy and the visibility is good. The dive center & accommodation is located only 500 meters from the dive site, and the gear is transported to the parking area 30 meters from the river and the cave entrance. This makes it possible to combine one dive a day with exciting winter adventures in the afternoon.

So what do you think? Could it be worth a visit?