Has the corona isolation taken a toll on you? At least for me it was a good "excuse" to skip workout. Being worried about how the business would go, all the canceled deals and travels. Will we have customers coming to dive in Plura this year?

Luckily things are looking good at the moment. There are plenty of divers coming, and more requests than ever. Norway is opening the boarders to most European countries - so welcome all divers! On top of that PT Jenni Westerlund came to Plura earlier this week and decided to shake things up a little. Here is a link to the full Plura Bootcamp workout


Gimme your RB tanks Lunges

Frog Kick Core

Bailout Deadlift

Stack Them Leads

Sofno Triceps

Bailout Benchpress

Reel Crawl

Scooter Squats

Flutter Legs

Fin Abs