Have you been wondering what is the difference between rebreathers, and still can't tell them apart? Here is some great features of the rEvo hCCR, our favourite unit. If you have any questions about rebreathers, we are happy to help. Here comes 10 great features with the rEvo:

1. Slim back mount

Makes it easy to fit even when doing penetrations through wrecks or caves.

2. Protected counter lungs

A solid titanium housing is protecting the counter lungs, one of the most precious parts of the machine, preventing tares and friction damages.

3. Hybrid unit

When diving a Hybrid unit manually the diver is more aware of what is going on in the machine. Your awareness and buoyancy is better. However if stressful situations occur or you are heavily task loaded you still have the option to switch to electronic mode.

4. Dual scrubber

The dual scrubber system is designed in a way that reduces your sofnolime usage with up to 50%, compared to other commonly used units on the market.
It is also a system that ensures redundancy. Easier to pack, less packing mistakes.

5. Truly independent and redundant electronics

Having the possibility for three independent electronics that does NOT share oxygen sensors. All cables are independent and if something breaks down while you are on a divetrip - you just need to take off the faulty system, and you can still keep on diving with two independent systems.

6. 3 sizes for optimal fit

Having three optional sizes of the unit, makes it a good fit for different size divers. The small one is small enough that it fits in a carry-on luggage.

7. rMS

During a normal dive you mainly use the top scrubber, which gives you the chance to cycle. The rEvo Monitoring system is constantly keeping track on the scrubber time and scrubber cycle time. With this you know how the chemical processes are affected by temperature, workload and other factors. You do not have to guess whether the scrubber is good for the next dive or not. Safety first.

8. 5 cell system

With five cells the rumour has it that it is way more expensive. If you look into the logic behind it this is what it shows: With 5 cells you can change the worst censor every 6 months, that way you do not have to use the sensors from the same batch, and therefore have a higher chance of avoiding common faulty behaviour. For more details check out our article about rEvo myth busting.

9. MAV - Manual addition valve

The MAV is an easy to locate and easy to operate system to handle all your onboard and off board gases. Even in cold waters with thick gloves it is fast, simple and reliable.

10. Less O-rings

Having only 10 O-rings in the loop and scrubbers, the rEvo has a reduced risk for overall flooding. If you compare to other units on the market it is not unusual to have more than 40 O-rings.

Want to do a trydive on the rEvo? We have two units at all times. Just send a message and we will fix the dates.