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Frequently asked questions

What is the best way of traveling to Plura?

It’s easy!

Fly to MQN – 25 minutes drive – You’re in cave paradise.
Order pick up at the airport or rent a car, the choice is yours.

Remember that we have no cellphone coverage. There is Wifi though 🙂
Google maps: Visit Plura
Integrated GPS: Plurdalsveien 1495

What does it cost?

Single room    650kr / 65€
Double room  1100kr / 110€


Air and Nitrox 32% 
Single:                                   100kr/ 10 €
D-12:                                      180kr/ 18 €
D-15-18:                                220kr/ 22 €
Top up less than 40 bar:    100kr/ 10 €

Suit gas & Air diluent:          50kr / 5 €
Argon                                       70kr / 7 €

Oxygen: 0,20kr /0,02 € – Litre

Rental gear OC (includes 2 Nitrox 32%fills/day)

Double 12L:                     500kr / 50€
Sidemount 2*12L          500kr / 50€
Single 11L:                       300kr / 30€

Rebreather tanks (including 2 fills/day)

3L O2 and Diluent       300kr / 30€

What does diving in Plura require? 

You need to be certified for the dives that you are doing.
There is an access fee of 500kr/day,
this is included in the price if you use our accommodation and services.
Upon arrival you need to register at Visit Plura dive center.
Bring your dive certificate and insurance card.

For any questions or more information
about courses, activities etc, please contact us at:
+47 90758523

Contact Info Visit Plura

Plurdalsveien 1495, 8615 Skonseng, Norway

Mobile: +47 907 58 523

Web: Visit Plura