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If you want to get to Plura it is super easy. Fly in to the local airport MQN or arrive from north or south by train. We are located only 25-40 minutes away, and we can arrange pickup at the airport or train station.


How to get to Plura?

The closest airport is MQN, 25 minutes drive from Plura. You can also fly to BOO that is a slightly bigger airport located 4 hrs away by train or car. We pick you up at the airport or translation . If you are driving a PRO tip is to use Google maps and plot in Visit Plura in the navigation search, then you will get correct directions. Be aware that there is no cellphone reception in the valley so it can be clever to download the map.

How cold is the water?

Winter time it is crystal clear and around 2 degrees celcius (35,6 F), summer time it is normally between 4-7 celcius (39-44,6 F)

What is the average visibility?

Average visibility is 30 meters year round. Wintertime it can be up to 100 meters visibility, after heavy rain combined with snow melting it can be down to 2-5 m. This is very rare.

Is there any wifi on site?


Is there cellphone coverage on site?

No, might get a glimpse of reflection if the weather is correct.

Does the rooms have toilet and shower?

All rooms have toilet and shower

How far is it from the accommodation to the cave?

200 meters in a straight line, 500 meters drive to the parking lot. From the parking you walk approx 30 meters down to the water.

How is the flow in the cave?

The cave is always diveable and usually not affected much with high flow. This is due to the dam construction further up the valley that leads most of the water to a water power plant.


Full Cave

To request availability, send us an e-mail! The Full Cave Diving program is the highest level in theĀ overhead environment program, providing all the tools needed to be a true explorer! It is based on...
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