About Us

Visit Plura was founded in December 2016, and the first guests arrived already in February 2017. The dive center has been built up right next to the Plura Cave entrance, at a mountain farm called Jordbru. 

Together Ina and Jani is the team that makes arctic cave diving in Plura fun and rewarding. Visit Plura is a fully equipped dive center with accommodation on site, which means that you can sleep just 200 meters from the cave. A private road goes all the way to the dive site, making it easily accessible year round. After a nice cave dive you just put your tanks on the bench at the filling station, and it is ready in no-time. All rental gear and filling opportunities available, there is even a small dive shop on site. Get a new Divesoft analyser, Shearwater computer, spare parts or order the big toys like Seacraft DPV or rEvo CCR.

If you want to travel to Plura, it is super easy. Fly in to the local airport  MQN or arrive from north or south by train. We are located only 25-40 minutes away, and we can arrange pickup at the airport or train station.

Ina Therese Trælnes

Founder & Manager

Founder of Visit Plura, eager traveler & scuba diver with a special passion for caves. In the daily life Ina has the responsibility for booking, customer relations, marketing and sales. In addition she loves meeting new people and the second best thing after traveling to see the world is welcoming people from all over the world to Visit Plura, and showing them the amazing opportunities in and around "The Cave Capital of Scandinavia", Mo i Rana.

E-mail: ina@visitplura.com

Phone: +47 907 58 523

Jani Santala

Chief instructor, Cave Lord & Co-owner

Jani started his diving career in 1988. The first interest in the underwater world came after reading numerous books by Jacques-Yves Cousteau in his early childhood. Since then he has conducted more than 5000 dives, and now hold the highest instructor ratings for both SSI and TDI. He has been full-time teaching since 2013, and the shared passion for diving and traveling has led him to some of the strangest - and most beautiful - places on the planet.
Specialized in overhead diving he is also co-owner of Visit Plura, that is built up around the marble cathedral, Plura cave.

Jani also run Black Duck Diving, a dive school with a mobile headquarter - focused on providing the training the student wants at the location the student prefer. If you want to do courses in other locations this is also something we highly recommend.

E-mail: jani@visitplura.com

Phone: +358 40 552 7774