Single:                                      60kr/6 €
Doubles:                                 120kr/ 12 €
Top up less than 40 bar:      60kr/ 6 €

Nitrox 32%
Single:                                    100kr/ 10 €
D-12:                                      180kr/ 19 €
D-15-18:                                220kr/ 22 €
Top up less than 40 bar:    100kr/ 10 €

Suit gas & Air diluent:          50kr / 5 €

Oxygen: 0,20kr /0,02 € – Litre

Please let us know in advance when you are coming and if you will be needing fillings

What is the best way of traveling to Plura?

Getting to Plura is easy. The best option is to fly in to MQN, just outside of Mo I Rana. From there you can rent a car, check google maps on your device and type “Visit Plura”. We are then only 25 minutes away.

Remember that we have no cellphone coverage, so when you lose the signal on your phone that means that you are on the right way. If you are using a integrated GPS, the address to use is Plurdalsveien 1495, it will take you to the doorstep of the Dive center.

For any questions please contact us at:
+47 90758523

Contact Info Visit Plura

Plurdalsveien 1495, 8615 Skonseng, Norway

Mobile: +47 907 58 523

Web: Visit Plura TripAdvisor