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Arctic Cave Diving

This is Plura

The Plura cave is a marble cathedral for divers, stretching more than 2 kilometers into the heart of the mountain. Did you know that it is Northern Europe’s largest water-filled cave system.

Located in the arctic climate of Northern Norway it has crystal clear cold water. Normal visibility is around 30 meters, winter visibility can be up to 100 meters. The temperature ranges between 2 and 6 degrees celsius — all year round. With proper equipment and training it is an amazing experience.

Visit us while it’s nice and warm during summer, or arrive here in winter to experience northern lights and diving under the ice.

Sleep by the cave

Our rooms are situated only 200 meters from the cave’s entrance. We offer accomodation for single visitors or groups of up to 12 guests at a time. Dive by day. Relax in the warm sauna by night. Or how about a beer in the hot tub?

Double Room: 1300 NOK.
Single Room: 850 NOK.

Gear rentals, gas fillings and repairs

 Don’t want the hassle of bringing heavy equipment to your travels? No worries. We have a fully equipped dive center with CCR Support.

Just leave the tanks on the bench and we fill them during you surface interval, wether you are having lunch or relaxing in the sauna.