Explore the Plura cave system.

Dive into the clear, cold arctic water with our experienced guide and technical dive course instructor, Jani Santala.



Live comfortably.

Dive by day. Relax in the warm sauna by night. Or how about a beer in the hot tub?

Our rooms are situated only 50 meters from the cave’s entrance. We offer accomodation for single visitors or groups of up to 12 guests at a time.

Double Room: 1300 NOK.
Single Room: 850 NOK.



Gear rentals, gas fillings and repairs

Everything you need for the ultimate cave driving experience – all in one place.

Bring your diving gear to us, and we’ll do all your repairs and maintenance while you‘re under water, or while relaxing in the sauna.

Don’t want the hassle of bringing heavy equipment to your travels? No worries. We have single and double air tanks and rebreather tanks for rent.


Contact information and booking.

Want to know more?

Send an email to visitplura@gmail.com or call +47 90758523.